Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad <3

It’s one of those times when you’d feel so alone if you couldn’t go back home like most volunteers to celebrate with family and friends. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with the new friends you’ve made here.

Let me tell you how I spent my Christmas break. First, I’m back at work today because I only get a day off so my break started from the weekend. I’d like to believe that I got three days for Christmas not one haha.

During the week before I was preparing a Palestinian pastry that I wanted to make so badly because I’ve been craving it since I got here. Fatayer bi Sabanekh and trust me it doesn’t look as easy as it seems but making it was fun. Plus, I finally got a taste of home for reals although mine still can’t beat my mum’s! I guess mums will be mums when it comes to food.

My masterpiece
making the filling was a blast. It tastes like heaven.
Making the dough is a whole other story but at least it worked just fine and I’m satisfied with the results.


On the same day I went out with friends for dinner then the next day I was having Christmas dinner at my mentor’s house. She’s the coolest person ever, seriously.


Seafood and the amazing honey eggplants. It was a hell of a treat. Then all of this for a dessert afterwards. I certainly enjoyed the company of her, her family and her 2 dogs and four cats, not so much the cats though. Evil little things haha


I missed out on the great tapas all day though because I simply forgot about it. But resting throughout the day ain’t so bad either.

Christmas day was just perfect. Me and my Nepali friend spent time at her house eating and watching Netflix all day. Yes, this is my definition of perfect after all the amount of work that I was doing while preparing for Christmas at the shop.



The week prior Christmas at the shop was hectic because of the amount of work we needed to do for some preparations and I was alone because Alexia went to spend Christmas time with her family.


Preparing Muerdago for sale as Christmas gifts



The English workshops with the kids


Now my nice Christmas gifts 

Some beauty products from the team of Ecocompartimos and a nice gift from a close friend of Ecocompartimos where he wrote the card with the colours of the Palestinian flag. It meant so much for me and well I got chocolate ❤


Now, I’m back to work. Sick and at work. Not a perfect Christmas holiday but it’s better that doing nothing at home since the Christmas vibe is over.

Last but not least,

Merry Christmas from the heart of Bethlehem “Belen” in Palestine.

Manger square
Manger square in another year
The tree at my beloved uni BU


Remember that Jesus was a Jewish Palestinian who was also never welcome in his own home.


Until another time! ❤


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